Extension & Advisory Services


The Extension Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, Co-operatives and Rural Development in St Lucia is commonly known as “The Extension and Advisory Services”. The main purpose of the Extension Division is to improve the quality of life and increase the standard of living of farmers, rural folk and the local people through agricultural educational and advisory services. It is led by a Chief Extension Officer (CEO), followed by eight Regional Heads and Subject Matter Specialist. The eight Regional Heads are each given managerial and supervisory responsibilities and roles of a region. The island of St Lucia is divided into eight regions. Each region has a team of Agricultural Assistants that perform most of the farm advisory frontline and fieldwork. The Subject Matter Specialist assists in areas of specialty. The Extension Division has gone through a number of structural organizations and operational; changes and approaches.



To work with the farming community by providing information through education activities which will empower farm families to adopt appropriate/ sustainable suitable methods to improve their socio-economic well being and contribute to national development.



The goal of the extension and advisory Services Unit is to improve the quality of life by increasing the productivity of a farm as well as increase the quality of country’s food, fiber and forestry production.



A system of trained human resource within an organized framework; input support, facilitate and encourage agricultural growth in a qualitative and quantitative manner. Providing Technical Support and advice which enhances management techniques, agricultural production marketing as it relates to the reality of the farmers.



v To promote the development of the rural population through Education.

v To orient  education to “Help the people to help themselves”.

v To take useful information from Research to Farmers and Farm problems back to research.

v To work with sound and proven information.

v To Programme start from the bottom and go to the top.

v To work with all the people.

v To promote and facilitate the organization of groups and schools for developing actions within the communities.

v To involve the people in activities that are designed to promote their well being.

v To evaluate of programmes, methods and procedure is a continuous process.