In keeping with the Ministerial national goal of improving the standard of living of the agrarian community and its continuing strives in attaining food security for the nation, the once fragmented Agricultural Engineering Services Division (AESD) has been re-structured to realize this goal through the provision of timely and competent technical and professional services and advice to the farming community and relevant ministerial and other governmental agencies, in the principal areas of Agricultural Engineering such as water resources development, irrigation and drainage, land management, mechanization, appropriate technology, and technology development.


The Irrigation Management Unit (IMU) continually monitors and assesses the island’s natural water resources to determine its potential utilization that would enhance agricultural production and development as well as provide technical support services and advice to farmers in the design and establishment of irrigation systems.


Sustainable Land Management Unit (SLMU) seeks to preserve, maintain and in some cases improve the productivity of the nation’s Agricultural Lands by assisting the farming community to minimize land erosion and degradation through the provision of technical support and advice on optimal farm design and layout and the implementation of appropriate conservation practices.


Farm Structures and Technological Enovation Unit (FSTEU) is concerned with the design, testing and evaluation of appropriate agricultural tools, equipment, techniques, methods and structures aimed at enhancing safety, production, productivity and efficiency on the farms.


These three units shall ultimately increase productivity and efficiency, by assisting the farming community to utilize their limited resources in a manner that is socially, environmental, and economically sustainable.