To provide institutional capacity/support for planning, policy development, analysis and evaluation of programs

for the Agricultural sector.




The scope of the Ministry covers the following programme areas:


  •   Agency administration

  •   Corporate Planning

  •   Crop Development

  •   Livestock Development

  •   Fisheries Development




  • To increase the efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture.

  • To promote the adoption of improved / appropriate technological packages.

  • To expand and diversify agricultural, and fisheries production, value-added agro-processing and the general market base.          

  • To enhance the national food security status.

  • To generate new opportunities for employment and income generation in rural areas.

  • To conserve the natural resource base.

  • To modernize legislative and policy framework for optimal agricultural production and trade.

  • Facilitate representation at national, regional, and International level.To comply with international conventions and agreements relating to the portfolio of the   Agency.